Executive MBA - Quality Management

Program Duration:
12 to 36 months
Instruction Method:
Distance and In-Class Learning
National and International Students
Language Medium:
Bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited institution and at least two years of relevant professional experience; or at least eight years of relevant professional experience.

Program Description

The PECB University Executive MBA in Quality Management enhances the sound judgement and imperative skills of candidates, enabling them to contribute to the improvement of an organization’s quality systems, services or products while stimulating improvements in productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

The program equips candidates with the level of knowledge and skills required to analyze business challenges and to determine the root causes of nonconformities. Through the courses offered within the program, students become familiar with statistical analysis tools, develop strategic reasoning, and enhance their problem-solving and decision-making skills. Candidates learn not only the theory of various concepts but also the technical applications of these concepts that consecutively help them design, implement, and manage quality systems in an organization.

The coursework offered through this program is designed to improve candidates’ ability to analyze organizational challenges from various perspectives while taking into account existing data, workflow, and job specific operations. Graduates of this Executive MBA find careers in numerous organizations regardless of the industry, where they would have the opportunity to implement, monitor, and control the quality objectives throughout the production process or customer experience.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate how to create a quality management policy in an organization and explain how to enforce compliance to quality.
  • Conduct a gap analysis for comparison of various systems and develop a quality management plan for an organization.
  • Gain an integrated view to the management of quality systems and acquire managerial and leadership skills.
  • Understand how marketing, technology, and people can be simultaneously utilized to meet quality objectives and achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Become an additional asset to the organization by ensuring that the products or services offered are of high quality, competitive in the market, and bring additional profits to the organization

Executive MBA in Quality Management – Course Requirements (48 credits):


  • 3     Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • 3     Project Management


  • 3     Quality Management Systems Implementation 
  • 3     Quality Management Systems Audit
  • 3     Business Process Improvement 
  • 3     Quality Assurance and Control 

ELECTIVE (select 2 courses for 6 credits)

  • 3     Records Management
  • 3     Medical Devices QMS Implementation
  • 3     Medical Devices QMS Audit
  • 3     Laboratory Management System Implementation  
  • 3     Laboratory Management System Audit
  • 3     Oil and Gas QMS Implementation
  • 3     Oil and Gas QMS Audit
  • 3     Road Traffic Safety MS Implementation
  • 3     Road Traffic Safety MS Audit
  • 3     Energy Management System Implementation
  • 3     Energy Management System Audit
  • 3     Automotive Production MS Implementation
  • 3     Automotive Production MS Audit
  • 3     Private Security Operations Implementation 


  • 3     Business Communications & Presentation Skills
  • 3     Research Methodology
  • 3     Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences
  • 3     Statistics for Managers
  • 6     Capstone Project 1 (2nd semester)
  • 6     Capstone Project 2 (4th semester)