Executive MBA - Information Technology Service Management

Program Duration:
12 to 36 months
Instruction Method:
Distance and In-Class Learning
National and International Students
Language Medium:
Bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited institution and at least two years of relevant professional experience; or at least eight years of relevant professional experience.

Program Description

The PECB University Executive MBA in Information Technology Service Management is designed to prepare candidates to develop and communicate IT solutions, manage and improve systems operations, and provide customer support. This program helps candidates to gain the necessary knowledge and develop the skills in the field, including fundamental information systems (IS) concepts, IS strategies, service support and delivery, and continuity planning.

Candidates are introduced to the ITSM implementation framework and its relevant models, in order to be prepared for evaluating the state of an existing IT infrastructure and for determining the areas of improvement to meet an organization’s anticipated results. Candidates are further taught various improvement methodologies and frameworks to make IT activities better aligned with the business strategy and customer demands.

This Executive MBA program is suitable for candidates seeking managerial or executive roles in IT Service Management. Through the gained experience in ITSM candidates become prepared to lead major project and to implement continuous improvements in an organization. This particular program is highly prosperous for graduates and yields numerous career opportunities due to it being a recent area of studies and due to shortages of experts in the field.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply IT management principles and integrate them into practical work in an organization.
  • Apply basic information technology service concepts to a current state of services within an organization using a layered information technology security model.
  • Convey essential IT and computer science concepts in an organization, and adopt the necessary computer applications to improve productivity.
  • Become an expert in the ITSM field, able to identify emerging issues in cloud security or wireless technology, and to integrate IT solutions in an organization.
  • Evaluate and monitor database systems, local area networks, information systems and information security of an organization.

Executive MBA in Information Technology Service Management – Course Requirements (48 credits):


  • 3     Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • 3     Project Management


  • 3     IT Service Management System Implementation
  • 3     IT Service Management System Audit
  • 3     IT Corporate Governance Management
  • 3     Risk Management

ELECTIVE (select 2 courses for 6 credits)

  • 3     Incident Management
  • 3     Information Security MS Implementation
  • 3     Information Security MS Audit
  • 3     Information Security Risk Management
  • 3     Business Continuity MS Implementation 
  • 3     Quality Management Systems Implementation
  • 3     Quality Management Systems Audit
  • 3     Outsourcing 
  • 3     Business Supplier Relationship Management
  • 3     Financial Management for IT Services 


  • 3    Business Communications & Presentation Skills
  • 3    Research Methodology
  • 3    Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences
  • 3     Statistics for Managers 
  • 6     Capstone Project 1 (2nd semester)
  • 6     Capstone Project 2 (4th semester)